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The West Chiltington Neighbourhood Plan aims to create a Plan which reflects the aspirations of the community. It will be adopted by the Parish Council.

The Neighbourhood plan team are continuing to work through more than 700 responses to the Reg 14 consultation. We thank you all for taking such an active part in the consultation. The broad headlines emerging are that there is support for the Plan and the housing allocations but understandable concerns relating to traffic, loss of biodiversity and poor infrastructure. Additional work will be undertaken to try to mitigate/resolve these issues. The main outline of the responses has now been completed and can be found by following the links on this page.


Many of you will also be aware that Natural England has expressed concerns about new developments because of the impact on water abstraction and the effect this is having on protected habitats. They asked that HDC ensure that any new development in the Local Plan is water neutral (follow the link below to understand more about water neutrality).


HDC are currently taking legal advice on the matter and will meet with the relevant stakeholders to understand fully the implications but have stated that until the matter is resolved our Plan cannot move to the next stage of consultation which is submission at Reg 15.


Given the amount of work required to move to the next stage it is unlikely that this will delay our Plan, however we will work with HDC to ensure that the timing is right and that the Plan contains any additional policies needed to address the water issues and be compliant with the Habitat Regulations. The District Council has published further information on the issue of Water Neutrality on its website and can be found here.

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