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Leisure and Community 

Policy LC1 Support independent living

New, converted and extended independent living and care homes will be supported within the BUA provided that the design and scale of development are in keeping with the character of the location and that the impact on the amenity of surrounding residents is acceptable.

Policy LC2 Healthcare facilities

Proposals for new D1 uses, including medical facilities will be supported within the BUA.

Policy LC3 Provision of buildings for community use

Provision of buildings for community use will be supported provided that:

a) their design and scale are in keeping with the local character

b) the impact on the residential amenity is acceptable
c) Parking can be accommodated within the site

Policy LC4 Protection of assets of community value

Proposals that will enhance the viability and/or community value of any property included in the register of Assets of Community Value will be supported.

Proposals that result in either the loss of the asset or in significant harm to the community value of an asset will be resisted, unless it can clearly be demonstrated that the operation of the asset is no longer economically viable. Typically this would mean the site has been marketed at a reasonable price for at least a year for that and any other suitable employment or service trade uses and no interest in acquisition has been expressed.

Policy LC5 Designation of Local Green Space

The areas detailed in Appendix 5 and shown on Map D are designated as Local Green Space as they are demonstrably special to the local community and hold a particular local significance. Proposals for development of these areas will only be permitted in very special circumstances which could include:

a) Where the works are needed to maintain the viability/use of a current building/ structure; or

b) Where the proposed development will be for the benefit of the community and will not detrimentally impact the particular local significance of the space

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