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Housing Needs Survey 2018

As you will be aware, West Chiltington PC has been working on producing a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish. A key part of this is identifying where housing should be located. 

Two sites have been identified. One at Steele Close has consent for 15 homes, 14 of which will be affordable.  A further site at the current Moto Di Marino Garage has been identified as a site for a block of up to 16 flats for the elderly (if it becomes available for development in the future).

There is considerable pressure both from Horsham DC and local developers for more sites to be allocated in the Parish.

We need to hear from you what you believe your real housing needs both now and in the future will be.

Please remember that if you identify a need then you also need to help us by suggesting where housing could be located.

Our neighbouring parishes are building significant numbers of houses all of which share services with us so it is important that we get this right.

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