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Display Boards for the 26th November 2016 open event. If you cannot attend or if you just wish to comment please either contact the Clerk or email

To view the Draft Neighbourhood Plan policies follow the link.

Getting Around

We want your views on parking, speed, traffic calming and access issues.

Topic Board

Issues Board

Public Rights of Way Map

Employment and Tourism

We want your views on where you would locate additional employment land; how Broadband and connectivity issues affect you; whether you support the proposals from Harwoods and Nyetimber and whether you think we should improve our tourism offering.

Topic Board

Issues Board

Display by Harwoods

Leisure and Community 

We want your views on which assets are important to the community and what facilities need improving/adding.

Topic Board

Issues Board

Skate Park Ideas

Trim Trail Ideas


We want your views on sites for housing; a strategic allocation of land at Hatches Estate  and homes on land at Hatches House.

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Issues Board

Strategic Site

Hatches House


We need your help to identify Non Listed Heritage Assets and to carry out a character assessment where you live. We also want your views on whether the areas where the Wells Houses are located should be designated as a Conservation Area.

Topic Board

Issues Board

Character Assessment Toolkit

Listed Buildings Map

Listed Buildings List

Existing Conservation Area


Could you help us to collect data by recording wildlife sitings. Do you know of any special places that we can add to our biodiversity corridors? Which green spaces should be preserved?

Topic Board

Issues Board

List of Tree Preservation Orders

Map of Ancient Woodland

Map of Traditional Orchards

Sussex Biodiversity Records Centre Parish Report


Environment Agency Flood Risk Map

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